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Crash Cushions

Safety of the workforce and general public is paramount in today’s traffic management environment. The Blakedale Crash Cushion Vehicle (also known as an Impact Protection Vehicle or IPV) is designed to protect the workforce in the event of a vehicle impact.

All of our Crash Cushions are fully approved to NCHRP350 level 3 and the 3-51 UK test at 110kph (70mph).

All vehicles come complete with a bespoke traffic management body which includes, sign rack, illuminated cone wells, handrails, anti-slip flooring and under body storage.

In addition they are all fitted with reverse alarms, reverse cameras, work lights, warning alarms and high specification lighting.

New vehicles produced post 2014 have been fitted with LED lighting, side scan and vehicle- turning- left warning systems. New body upgrades include bigger under body storage areas, additional load lock bars and dividers in the sign rack.

All vehicles are fitted with a vertical lift light arrow board which allows much needed additional storage space to be utilised at the rear of the body.

Although the majority of Blakedale Crash Cushions are fitted to 18 or 26 tonne vehicles with traffic management bodies, we also offer dedicated short wheel base Impact Protection Vehicles.

18t Traffic Management Vehicles with Crash Cushion

Operating Features

18t Traffic Management Vehicles fitted with Crash Cushion tested and approved to NCHRP350 tests at 110 Km/h (70mph) and vertical lift light arrow board. F.O.R.S. compliant

18t Traffic Management Vehicles with Crash Cushion
18t Traffic Management Vehicles with Crash Cushion

Specification to Include

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  • Iveco 180E25 sleeper cab or DAF LF55.220 extended day cab
  • Auto gearbox (Iveco)
  • High roof cab options
  • Cross cab access
  • Euro 6
  • Dual passenger seat
  • Heavy duty seat covers
  • Painted white

Traffic Management Body

  • 24ft bespoke built drop side body with cone wells and covers
  • Sign rack divided into two sections with internal divider and locking bar
  • Short Drop side fitted to permit side access into sign racks
  • Drop sides above cone wells fitted with extended hinges so that the drop sides sit at sideguard height when open to allow the operative to lean over to position cones
  • Detachabe steel channel siderave section fitted with rave height across cone well opening with alternative lower positions provided
  • Trombone retainers fitted to retain drop side in open position at cone well
  • Detachable twin safety handrails with short stainless steel safety chain fitted to the adjacent side with a dog clip to ensure the anti luce clip doesn't come undone
  • Load Lock system fitted to upper and lower front positions to hold sign frames in place and upper and lower at the rear
  • Anti - slip flooring
  • Dedicated steps and grab handles allowing 3 point contact access to the working area
  • Under body storage
  • High Visibility CE Marked yellow reflective stripe fitted to full length of body and cab
  • Red reflective stripe fitted to all rear facing edges of opening doors and drop sides


  • Reg. 65 Lighting
  • Roof mounted LED beacon bar
  • High level LED beacon bar
  • White noise reverse alarm
  • Twin rear view camera system
  • Front and rear mounted LED strobes
  • LED work lights mounted on front sign rack
  • LED lights and emergency stop switch in the cone wells
  • LED lights either side of body in front of the cone wells to aid working and reversing
  • LED lights either side of body at the rear corners to aid reversing
  • Under body and cone well LED lighting
  • F.O.R.S. compliant, including close proximity, blind spot and side scan system with audible and visual warnings and blind spot camera
  • Vehicle turning left warning system (on selected vehicles)
  • Recordable multi camera system with forward, rear and working area views with live streaming and vehicle tracking

Crash Cushion

  • Crash Cushion tested and approved at 110 Km/h (70mph)
  • Vertical lift LED light arrow board fitted and two LED work lights
  • Auto brake system
  • 2 x Single LED amber beacons mounted to the rear corners of the cushion, one to the near side and one to the off side, to give 360 degree visibility
  • 4 x LED strobes mounted on the cushion (Verdegro cushion)
  • Chapter 8 compliant rear chevron markings and Highway Maintenance decal
  • Prominent sticker warning cyclists of the danger of passing the vehicle on the inside

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