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7.5t Traffic Management Vehicles

The Blakedale 7.5t vehicles come with full Traffic Management body and the option of a tail lift or LP13 light board offering the flexibility to suit your chosen working practice.

7.5t Traffic Management Vehicles

Operating Features

7.5t Traffic Management Vehicles complete with tail- lift or LP13 Light Arrow Board along with full Reg. 65 lighting and multi camera system with live streaming.

7.5t Traffic Management Vehicles
7.5t Traffic Management Vehicles

Specification to Include

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  • New Iveco or DAF day cab with 4.5m wheelbase
  • Painted white
  • Euro 6
  • Heavy duty seat covers
  • Cab entry steps to be yellow

Traffic Management Body

  • Blakedale bespoke built drop side body with cone wells and covers
  • Heavy duty headboard
  • Sign rack divided into two sections with internal divider and locking bar
  • Twin detachable handrails
  • Load lock system.
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Dedicated steps and grab handles allowing 3-point contact access to the working area
  • Under body storage
  • Rear gantry
  • Chapter 8 compliant rear chevron markings and Highway Maintenance decal
  • Red reflective stripe fitted to all rear facing edges of opening doors & drop sides
  • Prominent sticker warning cyclists of the danger of passing the vehicle on the inside


  • Reg. 65 Lighting
  • High level mounted LED light bar
  • LED light bar mounted on rear gantry
  • White noise reverse alarm
  • Reverse camera system
  • Front and rear mounted LED strobes
  • LED work lights mounted on front sign rack
  • LED work lights mounted on rear gantry
  • LP13 Light Arrow board mounted at rear gantry
  • LED lights and emergency stop switch in the cone wells
  • LED lights either side of body in front of the cone wells to aid working and reversing
  • LED lights either side of body at the rear corners to aid reversing
  • Under body LED lighting
  • F.O.R.S. compliant including safety system, including close proximity blind spot side scan system with audible and visual warnings and blind spot camera
  • Recordable multi camera system with forward, rear and working area views with live streaming and vehicle tracking on selected vehicles