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At Blakedale, we are driven to make the
UK’s roads and the jobs of maintaining
them safer. Joint Managing Director,
Richard Smith summarises our latest
vehicle developments.
Over the last few months we have
continued to invest at record levels in
upgrading our fleet and road safety
products to maximise the levels of
protection they provide to road workers
and road users.
I’ll begin by updating you on some key
developments to our vehicles. You can also
read about the latest innovations from our
Road Marker Posts division on page two.
New vehicles!
Due to popular demand, we have
introduced a new, mid-sized Traffic
Management (TM) Vehicle to our growing
fleet. The new model Iveco 7.5 tonne
chassis offers an auto gearbox and cross
cab access.
Benefitting from Blakedale’s fully bespoke
TM body, this new vehicle is equipped
with full Reg. 65 LED lighting, under body
storage, cone wells, LP13 light arrow
board, load lock system and side scan
system with blind spot camera.
We have also developed a new 18 tonne
Crash Cushion Vehicle that offers a more
spacious cab and improved body access.
The new high roof model Iveco (pictured
above) boasts a larger 250 bhp engine,
cross cab access and provides additional
cab space for three occupants.
Our bespoke TM body includes body access
steps and spring-loaded gate, ensuring
three points of contact whilst climbing onto
the rear of the body.
Additional steps and grab handles facilitate
safe movement in and out of the cone
wells, while further lighting at the rear of
the vehicle and near the cone wells aid
reversing and enable the cone well working
area to be illuminated.
We are also installing a fully recordable
multi-camera system as standard to all
new 18 tonne Crash Cushion and 7.5 tonne
TM Vehicles. Some of our existing Crash
Cushions have also been retrofitted with
this safety device, which reduces the risks
of collisions even further by eliminating
any blind spots and enabling drivers to see
oncoming traffic from all directions.
A further benefit is that it provides
high definition, quality evidence of any
accidents, incidents or near misses that
occur around the vehicle or working area
as all footage is saved for 30 days. This
improves operator safety and training, and
protects drivers against any false insurance
Infrared CCTV cameras cover virtually
every angle of the vehicle with all views
being displayed on a cab-mounted monitor
with integrated hard disk recording system.
Optional live stream software enables you
to track vehicles online via a computer or
mobile device.
A visible advantage
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